Active online date: November 30, 2006
Updated: April 25, 2016
UPDATE: 25/11/2019 So incredibly sorry for no updates of late, been busy with other work and projects. This series is currently on hiatus until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support. It's truly appreciated! - JB
The beautiful but steely and dedicated ecologist/adventurer Dr. Airelle Sauvages of the environmental advocacy Gaia Group and her 12-year old assistant-companion Sienna Naak, a Thai street kid with rather "unique" talents and a more secretive past; are out to expose an illegal mining practice in the forests of Thailand. Against all odds -- and occasionally, each others' nerves -- only together, with the help of roving journalist pal Pad Britt and ace company pilot "Madman" McTavish; can they stop the unscrupulous Warren Industries and its enigmatic billionaire CEO J.R. Warren from creating an ecological disaster...
Contains scenes of coarse language, brief nudity and violence. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

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