Comic Community
Have to support my fellow online and/or printed brethren -- and you can too! Here are some I frequent:
Brooke McEldowney's tri-generational strip is a unique mix of aesthetics, philosophy and humour. Daily.
Bill Holbrook's funny online look at a interspecies-mixed family and friends and the community of Domain. Daily.
NEW!!! An informative webcomic to encourage conversations about menstruation and breaking its taboos by Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann. Updated Thursdays (currently on hiatus, due to the promotion of their critically-acclaimed 2020 teen graphic novel Go With the Flow).
A online comic strip featuring a family of wolverines living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest's North Cascades by Eric Brooks. Biweekly.
Tech geeks, science-fiction and relationships fuel this quirky look at a data technical company. Updated Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays.
A David Willis webcomic about the ups and downs of college freshmen at a Indiana University co-ed dorm. Daily. Contains mature subject matter. Viewer Discretion Advised.
Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan's widely-acclaimed Oh Joy Sex Toy (OJST), the sex education/erotica webcomic covering everything sex-related from sexuality and the sex industry, sex toys, workshops, birth control and much more. Updated Tuesdays. Contains mature subject matter. Viewer Discretion Advised.
Follow the life and misadventures of a Transformers-loving skunk graphic/web designer. Monthly. Contains mature subject matter. Viewer Discretion Advised.
Usagi Yojimbo The ultimate fan-based website on Stan Sakai's superb award-winning comic book series on a 17th-century samurai rabbit.
Also check out:
Belfry WebComics Index A reference guide to other online/published comics strips.
Other Sites I Visit
Angry Alien Productions A super-hilarious parody website showing 30-second animated shorts of classic films from Alien to new ones It (2017) -- all re-enacted by bunnies!
Enter the wondrous world of Canada's theatrical phenomenons, Cirque du Soleil.
A interesting tourist site on a tiny Chinese territory not far from Hong Kong.
BBC Radio 4 for news, drama and commentary.
My favourite place to roam in the Toronto area for the arts and culture, Harbourfront Centre. Loaded with plenty of events for everyone!
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